Who Are The Karaoke Kids?

Karaoke Kids Laser Toons® is a California based company providing complete Karaoke & Dance DJ entertainment packages for just about any occasion... Services range from professional Karaoke & Dance DJ's to custom tailored show packages to meet your needs.

Founded in 1989, Karaoke Kids Laser Toons® has become one of the hottest groups in Northern California. True to the proverbial East meets West concept, Karaoke Kids Laser Toons® has succeeded in combining the traditional form of Japanese entertainment with Western showmanship.

ERIC "HOLLYWOOD" TOGAMI - Owner/Performing Artist. Eric's nickname "Hollywood" is well deserved, as he brings 20+ years of experience from the entertainment industry to KARAOKE KIDS LASER TOONS®. He has been applauded in nightclubs nationwide, from Honolulu to the Florida Keys, charming audiences with his guitar and special vocal style. Creativity, personality and talent all wrapped up in one dynamo... Eric "Hollywood" Togami.

At KARAOKE KIDS LASER TOONS®, Eric's responsibilities include: Management of Administration and Finance; Public Relations and Coordinator for show packages. He's also technical and sound engineer for the audio and video laser disc systems. And of course, Eric contributes his Karaoke dance DJ and singing talents. Eric is a graduate of California State University, San Jose with a degree in Business Management.

GLENN "MACHO-MAN" MACHIDA - Associate/Musician... 1992.. "It Was a Very Good Year". Glenn joined KARAOKE KIDS LASER TOONS® and brought his musical artistry and his technical experience to the KIDS. His musical background includes piano and clarinet. Being an avid audio, video and computer hobbyist, Glenn brings a wealth of practical knowledge and technical expertise to the KIDS. Glenn is a San Jose native and a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. A Superb addition to KARAOKE KIDS LASER TOONS®.

Glenn's responsibilities with the KARAOKE KIDS LASER TOONS® include: Promotion and Advertising - all promotional and advertising materials, song books, mailing lists (more than 2500 names); Technical Development - design and maintenance of equipment. Glenn's appreciation for music and passion for the Karaoke experience add another dimension to KARAOKE KIDS LASER TOONS®.