What Is Karaoke?

KARAOKE (ka rrraw o k)

Karaoke which means "empty orchestra" is derived from the Japanese word "kara" meaning empty and "oke" being the translation of the American word orchestra. Karaoke is pre-recorded music in which the lead vocals have been eliminated or re-mixed out of a song and your voice then substituted on the sound track. The finest musicians and back-up singers are left in the mix to accompany you... and "VOILA" you are the recording artist!

The goal is to make each singer feel like a star and sound like a professional vocalist. This is achieved through a high tech audio and video laser disc system and an on-stage television monitor that prompts you with the lyrics and rhythm of the song you choose to sing. All of this is done with the special brand of "Magic" provided by Karaoke Kids Laser Toons® and you.

What Is A Karaoke/Dance DJ?

The Karaoke/Dance DJ's role in your special event is to make sure there is someting for everyone. From announcements and introductions, to playing those special requests, the Karaoke proferssional plays an important role in making your event successful. The secret is to mix dance music with the audience participation of Karaoke. Once your guests are comfortable with the idea, they will become part of the entertainment. Before you know it, it will be "Last Call" and your guests will be commenting on how much they enjoyed the event.